100% CF-free - English Version

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    The German Club for Terriers (KfT e. V.) - and the breeders meeting welcome the Gen-Test!

    Since 2016 the breeders meeting has been working intensively on the topic and unanimously agreed in 2017 that for all new breeding dogs the gene test is obligatory

    1. When bying a puppy you can't be certain to buy one that is carrier

    Fact: the breeders in Germany have unanimously agreed that a genetic test must be submitted by the breeder for each puppy from a mating with one parent carrier or without test. Thus the buyer has complete information.

    2. The mating between carrier and CF-free dogs does not produce a sick Irish Terrier

    Fact: this applies only to the symptoms. It is excluded that dogs are born with sick paws, but the disposition is passed on genetically (multiplier effect). Therefore, these gene carriers are also considered "ill" in the sense of § 11 of the Animal Protection Act.

    3. Exposed dogs may no longer be used in breeding

    Fact: Irish Terriers that are already in the breed and bear the defect, may only be paired with a CF- free breeding partner. This makes it possible for the breeder to keep a genetically free dog for further breeding from such a mating without having to give up his own breeding line.

    4. The genetic diversity is restricted

    Fact: every breeder who has an Irish Terrier who is still under the strain has the possibility to breed with them since already granted breed licences can not be withdrawn. So the genetic diversity remains the same as before.

    The health of a breed should always be a top priority for Irish Terrier breeders and owners.

    The genetic test available since 2014 gives us the opportunity to recognize carriers and stop breeding from them without giving up the breeding line.
    The Irish Terrier Initiative is committed to the fact that Irish Terriers, which are carriers of the Hereditary Hyperkeratosis gene, are excluded from breeding. The aim of this exclusion is to breed Irish Terriers exclusively with animals that are genetically healthy in this respect.

    The identification of homozygous free Irish Terriers is reliably possible by this gene test. In the interest of the wonderful breed Irish Terrier and all future puppy buyers who have a claim for a healthy dog, we offer breeders a specially designed button that can be used on websites and blogs.

    The condition for use is the commitment to breed exclusively with homozygous free Irish Terriers. We have the unique opportunity to free one of the healthiest dog breeds from the genetic disposition for Hereditary Hyperkeratosis within a few generations.

    How do I get the Button?

    If you want to show the Button on your website or blog, please write an email to


    Within a few days you will get an individual button via email. The condition for using the button is the commitment to breed exclusively with homozygous free Irish Terriers.