English Version Festival of the Irish Breeds

  • Thank you very much to Annette Wageringel for the translation!!!

    6th Festival of Irish Terrier breeds in the KfT e. V.

    10. and 11. May 2008

    Liethhalle, Höheweg, 31689 Obernkirchen, D

    Saturday, 10.May 2008 Beginning: 16.00h

    Workshop with Irish terrier breeds with demonstration of trimming and presentation of breeds,
    coffee and barbecue.

    Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier S. Blänkner (D)
    Kerry Blue Terrier Dr. P. Würgatsch (D)
    Irish Terrier H. E. Grüttner (D)
    Irish Soft Coated WheatenTerrier M. Möller-Sieber (D)

    Sunday, 11.May 2008 Exhibition beginning: 11.00h

    Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier P. Tyndall (NL)
    Kerry Blue Terrier D. Sandahl (S)
    Irish Terrier A. Bradley (GB)
    Irish Soft Coated Wheaten D. Sandahl (S)

    The rating of the dogs takes place in the following categories:
    Puppy class 6 – 9 months
    Youth class 9 – 15 months
    Family dogs from 15 months
    Open class from 15 months
    Champion class from 15 months - dogs with recognized champion titles (copy enclosed)

    Every presented dog obtains a written judgement and a certificate, but no national or international entitlement.
    Every exhibitor receives a souvenir!

    Entry fees:
    1. Dog 20, - €
    2. Dog 15, - €
    Every additional dog 10, - €

    Advertisements in the catalogue (A5)
    1 page 25, - €
    1/2 page 15, - €
    Only advertisements ready to print

    Last entry 25. April 2008
    No online entry
    No acknowledgement of receipt

    Moreover you can sign up your dog for a parade. Participation is free. The dogs receive no judgement in this case, but are presented to the public.
    You can enter for the judge and aswell for the parade!

    Puppy parade 3 – 6 months
    Champion parade from 15 months, dogs with recognized champion titles (copy enclosed)
    Veterans parade from 8 years old

    Big party-evening with buffet and Irish Life-music! Start: 19.30h

    Participation at the buffet: 22,-€ p. person
    Children till ten years are free (to sign on too)

    Registration Office:
    P. Richter
    Moordiek 23
    23820 Pronsdorf
    Telefon: 04556-1248
    Fax: 04556-989531

    Payment: (with breed and dogs name). Payment is aswell at the show possible
    Richter Festival
    Sparkasse Lübeck
    BLZ 230 501 01
    Kto: 130151244
    IBAN: DE26 2305 0101 0130 151244

    Organisation Team:
    S. Blänkner 0234-770318
    H. E. Grüttner 05603-3539
    M. Möller-Sieber 06672-477
    M Erhart 06238-9846850

    Veterinary Order:
    Dogs presented must have been vaccinated against rabies a minimum of 30 days to the show. Vaccination shall be not older than 12 months (please bring the vaccination certificate).
    Dog show ban for dogs cropped or docked contrary to animal protection law!

    All directions BAB 2, motorway exit Bad Eilsen (Nr. 35)